• May 29, 2024

Rome – Policlinico Umberto I restored the voluntary pregnancy interruption service

Roma – Policlinico Umberto I, restored the voluntary pregnancy interruption service

After the question of Michele Baldi, group leader of the Zingaretti civic list To the Lazio Regional Council, the voluntary interruption service of pregnancy was restored at the Policlinico Umberto i after the prof. Massimo Minozzi retired.

“Following my question, which had denounced the risk of no longer being able to exercise the right of voluntary interruption of pregnancy to the Policlinico Umberto I, the service is again guaranteed – he has declared Michele BaldiDue to the achievement of the pension requirements, the employment relationship has ended, with the hospital in question, of the prof. Massimo Minozzi, head of the Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption Center and Small Surgery of the Department of Gynecological and Urological Sciences, without the necessary procedures for the identification of a substitute being activated. Today, however, the Lazio Region, in response to my question, authorized the Policlinico Umberto I to the publication of a notice for the hiring with a fixed -term contract (lasting one year) of two medical managers in the obstetrics and gynecology department. It is a very important result for all the women of our territory whose right to health is thus protected and sheltered from illegal practices, absolutely to be averted in such a delicate area. The right of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, therefore, also thanks to my intervention, will be able from now on to be exercised again at Umberto I in total safety.

It will be my care – Baldi concludes – continue to monitor the evolution of the situation so as to guarantee quick times both for the actual replacement of the prof. Minozzi, both to ensure continuity of the service even after the possible expiry of the fixed -term contracts of the substitutes ".