• May 29, 2024

Expired medicines where they carry

Expired medicines, where they carry?

Many times it happens to have at home of the expired medicines that cannot be used because they could be dangerous for health. But there is still a lot of confusion on how the expired or unused drugs must be disposed of.

Special toxic waste

These are waste that for their potential toxicity are considered dangerous urban waste and must not and cannot be thrown away in the wet or elsewhere.

They cannot even be thrown into the toilet or sink of the house (like any other refusal, among other things, because this is a very harmful practice that leads to polluting the aquifers).

The expired medicines will go to the special containers dedicated to this type of collection, which can be found at the ecological platform but also in the area (often near pharmacies).

In the boxes of expired drugs, only the medicine and its primary package can be inserted, that is, the one in direct contact with the drug (the bottle, the sachet).

All external or empty packaging, on the other hand, are composed of differentiated material therefore:

  • The external boxes and the Bugiardini will go to paper and cardboard
  • Empty plastic or metal blisters must be inserted in plastic
  • If there are empty glass bottles, for example, of syrups, they will go to the glass (if there is residue they go to the drug container).

Removing the packaging increases the space in the container for other expired medicines and they will properly differ paper, plastic, metal and glass correctly.

Therefore the expired medicines must be brought to the pharmacies or the ASL clinics and inserted in the appropriate containers in order to collect them differentiated and not cause problems to the environment and health.

There are also apps that help identify pharmacies or places where expired medicines can be disposed of in the most correct way, free and quickly.