• June 20, 2024

Covid test what is the procedure to do it

Covid test, what is the procedure to do it

During this emergency period for via del Coronavirus, Many people may need the test To understand if there is an ongoing infection in their body. In this period it is also complicated to recognize seasonal evils and Covid and there is a risk of clog the drives-in for buffer.

Covid test, how they are performed

The tests are performed in selected workshops of the National Health Service and only if the family doctor and/or the reference ASL assume that the patient needs to carry it out, they will give all the indications to carry it out.

One of these test is serological which identifies the presence of antibodies in the blood that are generated if a person has come into contact with the virus, in this case the Coronavirus. Serological tests are in fact indicated in case you have come into contact with a positive person and want to test the state of your immune system.

The results arrive in a timely manner and therefore, for example, children who attend school and their families could undergo this test if there is a suspicion of having contracted some infection.

In case there is an infection

In case it turns out an infection, it will be fine have confirmation by undergoing the oropharyngeal swab to check if it is still ongoing: in fact, only the swab (also called molecular test) is the reference one for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2.

The swab is also advisable for those subjects who have had contacts with people who were positive for the buffer. Private citizens can also decide to undergo a precautionary buffer, in public structures or in the workshops of hospital-university and ASL companies, paying the provisions of the regional rate.

However, an essential requirement to be able to undergo the Covid test is that of have the recipe from your family doctor or pediatrician. If instead the citizens wanted to undergo the test privately, they can contact private workshops (always with the family doctor’s recipe) and paying it.

In case it should be necessary to undergo the swab, this will be guaranteed by the regional health system.