• May 29, 2024

ROME – One hundred new nurses to strengthen the emergency network

Roma – One hundred new nurses to strengthen the emergency network

“The Region has made available 100 further nurses necessary to improve the efficiency of the emergency rooms. It is a further step forward to strengthen the emergency network “.

He says it in a note The president of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti regarding the note sent to General directors of all healthcare companies In application of the agreement signed with the union acronyms on 23 January last for the fixed -term hiring of nursing staff in the emergency room.

“Every day the offices of the Region monitor the percentage situation in three time slots, intervening to unlock the most critical situations. The next stage – explains Zingaretti – sArà consisting of the entry into service of the steward to increase humanization and the reception system in the emergency points. In addition, we have activated 400 more beds thanks to the agreement with private hospital and based on the agreement with the general practitioners of general medicine for two months in Rome are operational on weekends and on holidays 15 clinics who have drained from First aid about 6.000 accesses.

All this confirms that when there is constructive and mutual comparison listening with the social partners and workers’ representatives, the results are positive and improve the living conditions of citizens “.