• May 29, 2024

Ladispoli – hotel health education lesson dedicated to andrological prevention

Ladispoli – Hotel, health education, lesson dedicated to andrological prevention

At the Ladispoli hotel institute there is talk of preventing male reproductive disease diseases: on April 7, as part of a project dedicated to health education, Dott. Giuseppe Bomprisco has held a lesson on the theme of andrological prevention among young people. The Dott.

Bomprisco stressed that the pathologies and anomalies of the genital apparatus, for historical and cultural reasons, are often diagnosed late. In Italy, moreover, the situation aggravated following the abolition of the compulsory military lever, an opportunity in which young people were subjected to a general medical examination, which could also be valid for screening carried out on a precise age group. At the end of the meeting, the Dott. Francesco Barrese, specialist in Urology, assisted by Dott.

Bomprisco, made himself available for a free visit to students who had requested it.

As Zelinda Marianantoni pointed out, expert in communication and organizer of events dedicated to health prevention, today the data of the scientific literature show that about 30-40% of young males between 16 and 18 years of age present an andrological pathology. The speakers have highlighted how fundamental the time factor to prevent this becoming irreversible. Currently said the prof.SSA Sara Leonardi, professor of the Hotel Institute of Ladispoli and contact person of the Health Education project – There is no first level of andrological prevention for the early identification of anomalies at the level of the male genital system. We know that these pathologies are able to negatively influence the fertility and sexual sphere of adulthood.

It is therefore our duty – concluded the prof.SSA Sara Leonardi multiply the information interventions within schools “. “There is still a lot of disinformation among young people included in this age group (15-18); – he observed Zelinda Marianantoni – Most of them do not even know the meaning of the term “andrologist”. Eight years ago, during a research conducted in Roman high schools, it emerged that students confused this term with another: “anthropologist”. We have been working for more than twenty years in the schools of Lazio in order to raise awareness and empower young people, but it is very difficult to win the “cultural” resistances still linked to this issue “. There is a rather long interval of time during which the boys are not visited: the one from 12-14 years (when the “coverage” of the pediatrician ends) to 18.

We must intervene precisely in this age group “. S.THE.TO. (Italian Society of Andrology), chaired by Giorgio Franco, often with the collaboration of.THE.D.TO.S.S. (Italian Association for the right to sexual health) has carried out numerous information and prevention campaigns. One of the last was the one made in 2015 with the contribution of the Lazio Region and sponsored by the Municipality of Ladispoli: “Andrological prevention 2.0 “. “ in the teenager and in the young adult the anomalies and pathologies of the genital apparatus are intercepted with great difficulty due to the widespread andrological culture absence that determines resistance and embarrassment in males, but but Even in parents who play a role of primary importance in children’s health education – they underlined the managers of the S several occasions.THE.TO. “The andrological visit becomes even more important – said Zelinda Marianantoni – if you think that when the lever visit in more than 70% of the boys was mandatory, more or less serious genital pathologies were found, and that in over 50% of the cases fertility was at risk “.

Like other campaigns and awareness -raising initiatives in at least two decades, that of 2015 also aimed to transform andrological prevention into a current theme: to inform to prevent and educate to the andrological visit to identify any pathologies in the bud, in order to intervene promptly, avoiding more serious damage and problems that are difficult to solve such as infertility. A “decalogue” for parents has also been elaborated: few “gold rules” to correct their behavior on health and prevention education correctly. “Unfortunately – observed Zelinda Marianantoni – the response in terms of visits made during the 2015 campaign did not exceed 15%”. Not to mention even more serious risks. Zelinda Marianantoni recalled, in fact, the data of a research conducted by Giuseppe La Pera, in collaboration with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità on the relationship between sexual discomfort and the use of drugs in young people (aged between 18 and 35 years), a survey carried out in the Sert (Territorial Services for Addictions), in therapeutic communities and in front of stadiums. Among the interviewees it emerged that 30% of young drug addicts turned to heroin and other drugs to get out of a situation of discomfort and suffering linked to a sexual disorder.

“But if there is torment – observed Zelinda Marianantoni, technical coordinator of the research – to those who turn to eliminate it? It will hardly be done in the family, because in many cases it is difficult to speak with the parents of these topics “. “Often – he added – the young man only confides in his peers, but he ends up being made under bullying until he is marginalized by the group”. “Only by multiplying at every level, starting with schools, initiatives and information activities – concluded Zelinda Marianantoni – it will be possible to break down the taboos and win the battle in defense of the health of young people”.