• April 21, 2024

Grottaferrata – Light health care arrives

Grottaferrata – Light health care arrives’light health care

The project of Light Health Care, approved by City Council by Resolution no. 27 of 02/27/2015, is officially operational. Thanks to the collaboration with the’National Association of All Ages Active for Solidarity (ANTEAS), whose local committee is chaired by the Dr. Mario GALLI, full support will be available for the elderly, disabled and generally for all people in a state of distress.

The service includes activities of accompanying, listening, companionship and dealing with minor paperwork, through the’commitment of appropriately trained volunteer operators.

The Grottaferrata Administration has provided a car, a Doblò on loan with Mobility Life Spa, specially equipped to transport disadvantaged people.

To request the service, it is necessary to contact ANTEAS ROME, at least seven days in advance, Monday through Friday at 06 In cases of special emergency, it is possible to receive assistance with up to three days’ notice.

The protection of dependent persons” stated Francesca Maria PASSINI, Councillor for Social Support and Subsidiarity, “is an inescapable goal for our administration. This measure is a strong support for disadvantaged families and especially for those living in absolute loneliness“.

As early as December 2015, Light Health Care was successfully carried out, but only as of January did it become fully operational. An important and virtuous project, able to offer concrete and immediate help to the weakest segments of the Citizenship.