• April 21, 2024

Prevention from what age to start in regular visits

Prevention, from what age do we start in periodic visits

La Prevention is very important: Undergoing regular examinations is a routine that should be taken from a young age (20 years or so, ideally). In fact, you don’t go to the doctor only when you experience some pain but also precisely to prevent possible diseases (and more serious consequences).

From the age of 20 girls should start with visits to the gynecologist (even just before the age of 20) and the same thing boys should do by going to the andrologist-urologist.

In fact, this examination can be useful to avoid serious problems such as future fertility or testicular cancer (which most often affects young males). 30 years and older, looking at the skin is the best form of prevention against melanoma and other skin cancers.

The dermatological examination

Dermatologic examination is to be repeated with varying frequency depending on individual risk (greater with fair skin and eyes and/or familiarity for skin cancers).

With advancing age, examinations to assess testosterone and periodic (even twice a year) blood tests and blood pressure tests to assess CBC, blood sugar, cholesterol, creatinine are advisable.

If any values are out of the norm, you can improve the situation and avoid more serious damage in the future, such as with a healthier lifestyle.

Also important to assess circumference, which should be less than 102 cm because beyond that, abdominal fat can become detrimental to cardiovascular health.

Body mass index (calculated by dividing the weight, in kilograms, by the square of the height, in meters), which should range between 18 and 25, should also be evaluated.

Around 40 years of age it is advisable to start with eye examinations because you are more likely to develop diseases such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and avert the risk of developing glaucoma.

45 to 60 years old, better to have periodic urologic and cardiologic examinations (because after age 50, heart attack and stroke affect more).