• April 21, 2024

Warm up in sport because it is essential to do so

Warm up in sport because it is essential to do so

When practicing sport it is essential not to forget a very important step, the warm up. In fact, this phase serves precisely to prepare the body to face the entire training session whether it is a run or a game of football. Especially in activities such as jogging that you practice on your own, it is good to warm up well.

Warming up, essential before playing sports

Furthermore, it allows the heart rhythm to gradually accelerate so that when the real training will begin, the influx of blood and oxygen in the muscle districts will be the ideal one. Mostly, It is about doing small exercises on the spot or a slow race (also on the spot) so that the body can actually heat up (the body temperature will rise by 1 or 2 degrees).

As heating you can also practice the exercise bike or the bicycle, swimming or a quick -step walk. If, for example, a game of football must be carried out, it will be good to aim for a targeted heating that is, that it focuses above all on the legs.

So if other muscles will be solicited, based on the sporting activity that will be practiced. This activity must last about 15 minutes and in any case not less than 10 for those who do not often practice physical activity. It should last much more For those who are used to practicing it, just as it should be longer if outdoor activities are carried out with very low temperatures.

In any case, the heating activity even if it can be practiced by everyone, It must be proportionate to the physical conditions of the subject (if you are the elderly, a lighter but longer duration of longer heating) will be made). With heating, in fact, excessive fatigue is avoided and the manifestation of contractures and ironments to the muscles, allowing the wider movements.

In this way, not even injuries to the tendons and ligaments will not be presented because the heating will make them more elastic and ready to face the movements at best.