• April 21, 2024

September and October the months of DIY diets after the holidays

September and October, the months of DIY diets after the holidays

September and October for many are the ideal month to start a diet and return in shape after any food rags made during the holidays. And also to get fit before eaten in Christmas perspective. The error not to be made is to follow DIY diets like those who promise to waste several kg in a short time.

Nothing more wrong and harmful

Nothing more wrong and harmful: in fact, these diets (even if they lead to losing kg) are usually very unbalanced and involve other problems such as sleep disorders, loss of concentration, bad mood and so on. It is very easy to fall into the trap of DIY diets: it seems easy to eliminate some foods or jump meals but in reality these habits are not good for everyone.

This is why it is essential, before starting a diet, to ask for a consultation from a nutritionist doctor who will follow you throughout the process and who may require you to undergo clinical tests precisely to evaluate the starting situation. In this way, the professional will be able to prepare the most suitable food plan for the patient and this will certainly be the best and the one that will bring the best results.

Do it yourself diets

In fact, do-it-yourself diets are neither healthy nor feasible in the long run: in fact, one could quickly get tired of having to give up so many foods or skip meals and this could lead to regaining any pounds lost (as well as many other ). In fact, many feeding problems arise precisely because you follow DIY diets influenced by the ease with which you can start.

Usually also on the internet there are weekly menus to follow: in reality, another error in DIY diets is that they are not customized. Instead, diets must be different from person to person precisely because not all people are the same and above all you never start from the same situation.