• July 20, 2024

Neurofeedback improves your well-being through movies music and games

Neurofeedback: improve your well-being thanks to movies, music and games

Games, movies and music can help improve your well-being or improve your performance. Like? All this thanks to Neurofeedback!

It is a neuromodulation technique which, through the detection of brain activity, allows the maintenance of a good functioning balance of the Central Nervous System and the increase in the general state of well-being. Its effectiveness is supported by numerous studies published in international scientific journals.

Neurofedback is an alternative treatment to pharmacotherapy, it is not invasive and has no side effects. It is considered a real training for the brain, at the inside of which the person manages to promote a better psychophysiological self -regulation capacity.

This technique can be used to treat different ailments and pathologies

This technique can be used to treat different ailments and pathologies, to improve memory, concentration and relaxation, but also to increase performance and creativity. It is a technique that can be carried out both on children and adults. Here’s what conditions it is used:

Disorders of the attention (ADHD/Add)
Eating behavior disorders (DCA)
Sleep disorders
Sports/artistic/corporate performances

But what do games, movies and music have to do with it? Precisely during these sessions they are the absolute protagonists in the exercises proposed by Neurosystem specialists. These sessions can also be carried out remotely and with virtual reality.

Neurosystem is a reality that involves a network of professionals with a common goal: to find solutions to improve health and performance through scientifically supported methodologies.

The idea was born from the passion for neuroscience that has been cultivated over the years by Founders: Enrico Maria Valenti, Alessandro Zarfati and Maria Sole Nicoli. Gaia Tourjansky and Andrea Paulis are actively collaborated for the development of the project.