• May 29, 2024

Monte di Venere cosmetic surgery also arrives there

Monte di Venere, cosmetic surgery also arrives there

Mount of Venus, which until some time ago was considered a part of the body so intimate that it did not even have an aesthetic role, for some years it has assumed an important role for female aesthetics and for the sexuality of the couple. For this reason, there are an increasing number of women who wish to model the mons of Venus through liposculpture of the pubis, which has the aim of modifying the appearance (and sometimes also the functionality) of the female genital area.

First of all, it should be noted that this is an operation in all respects and therefore it is necessary to take this aspect into due consideration before deciding to undergo the intervention. But let’s see in detail who it is recommended for and how the liposculpture of the Mount of Venus works.
To resort to this operation they are mostly patients presenting in that area of the body an excess of adipose tissue or a lack of fat such as to make the entire intimate area atrophic, a rather common phenomenon after menopause. To eliminate or limit this imperfection, the publicity of the pubis uses liposuction and lipofilling techniques, both separately and in a joint way. In short, with a small incision carried out by an expert surgeon it is possible to effectively suck the excess fat fabric.

If, on the other hand, instead of the adipose tissue, the problem is represented by an “bony”, the plastic surgeon will tend to harmonize the shapes, inserting the tissue previously removed from other parts of the patient’s body itself.
In any case, the first important step to take, After deciding to intervene on the figure of the Monte di Venere, it is to contact a competent specialist who will necessarily have to ascertain your real clinical picture, with specific analyzes, monitoring and exams, before being able to advise you to carry out this operation or not.

In fact, the cosmetic surgeon will give its green light only after ascertaining your optimal physical condition. Otherwise, he will necessarily have to give a negative opinion.