• June 20, 2024

Smartphones are bad for your health says Dr. Fiorenzo Marinelli of the CNR in Bologna

Smartphones are bad for your health, said Dr. Fiorenzo Marinelli of the CNR of Bologna

“Cell phones are bad for you, there&#8217s certainty that they affect both cell metabolism and cell function. So they are tools to be used with great precaution. It’s an emergency apparatus to be used in emergencies”. These are the words of the Dr.

Fiorenzo Marinelli, Researcher at the Institute of Molecular Genetics at the CNR in Bologna, Italy, at the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus during the program “Genetics Today” hosted by Andrea Lupoli.

On the dangers of cell phones Dr. Marinelli went on to state how there are “several studies showing the correlation between brain tumor and smartphone use. We have a lot of studies and enough data about it. Regarding the’iphone 7 or at any rate the new devices, we can say that microwave emissions have decreased.

However, there’s the fact that frequencies have changed, transmission algorithms have changed, and more studies would be needed to determine what’s the biological impact of new transmission technologies. However, for what we know so far, it is established that there are profound biological influences and damage to health”

On wifi then added: “Microwave background signal has the same frequency as wifi. Wifi is useless, we have connected the earth with millions of miles of wires to carry the internet and then we want to turn it into a signal via radio in the last 5 meters making it more unstable and less secure than via cable”.