• June 20, 2024

Pools and gyms the medical certificate is not needed

Pools and gyms, the medical certificate is not needed

To register in the pool and gym it is no longer mandatory to present the certificate of healthy and robust constitution, it provides for the decree law to do of 2013, which canceled the obligation of the certificate to practice the so -called Ludic-amateur recreational activities like precisely, swimming or gym.

“ this category includes the athletes members of the CONI sports federations, in an age not yet competitive. Football in competitive age, for example, goes from 12 to 45 years. Before 12 years of age we are talking about pre -advances – He says Maurizio Casasco, President of the Italian Sports Medical Federation – Non -agonistic activities organized by schools are sports activities, in the context of Parascolastic activities and those of the student games at the provincial or regional level. Also in this case a certificate with electrocardiogram is needed.”

The deputy secretary of the Fimmg, The Italian Federation of General Doctors, Silvestro Scotti explains: “A year has passed but nothing seems to have changed. The obligation for the medical certificate for amateur recreational activities was canceled last year, but despite this the patients continued to come to the studio and to request the certificate because otherwise they cannot register in the gym.”

While Maurizio Casasco, President of the Italian sports medical federation stresses that: “For amateur activities The certificate obligation has been eliminated but it is good to remember how it remains optional and to protect your health in any case. They are aspects that they were practice in sports medicine and that today they consolidated to protect health“.

While for all non -competitive sports activities, that is, those organized by schools (Parascolastic activities and student games at the provincial or regional level), the certificate is obligatory And it is annual, in recent months, in this case, however, an electrocardiogram will be needed that will be included in the clinical documentation to be provided to the doctor who will be able to visit and consequently draw up the medical certificate. If the person is healthy, he will have to pay the examination, while if anomalies (pathologies or diseases) and further exams will be necessary, these will be totally borne by the National Health Service. However, these are the drafts for the guidelines of the document which must be approved by the Superior Health Council and then become effective by ministerial decree.

The Balduzzi decree had introduced the obligation of an ECG to the issue of the certificate, then made discretionary, on the basis of the clinical opinion of the doctor, by the “Decree of doing” – Guido Marinoni, of the Central Committee Fnomceo &#8211 explains; Since theelEstorercardiogram would have served to detect alterations of the potentially dangerous but asymptomatic cardiac management, without ECG the doctor would have been exposed to heavy responsibilities, if adverse events had occurred.”

In recent months, however, the decision to request an electrocardiogram for pre-agonistic has been repeatedly criticized, as it represents a cost for families and could remove the boys from sport, but it is also true that this type of exam &#8220 ; It can prevent unpredictable accidents in young people and also in those who do sports at a more advanced age – explains Massimo Volpe, Director of the chair of Cardiology of the Faculty of Medicine of the Sapienza di Roma –But it is an exam that can give rise to false positive and negative, if it is not framed in the person’s clinical and family history. This is why it is essential that it is accompanied by a doctor’s visit.”

If on the one hand the citizens ignore the legislation, on otherwise the gyms do not intend to expose themselves to risks, as, despite the clarifications of the ministry, the gyms still do not feel completely protected and therefore require their new members the medical certificate for download their responsibilities . At this point who is right?