• May 29, 2024

Ladispoli – The Council approves the motion for a law on andrology

Ladispoli – The Council approves the motion for a law on andrology

The initiatives of the Ladispoli Administration continue for the approval of a regional law that tends to obtain free medical examinations and preventive investigations for young people between 14 and 20 years. In these days, unanimity by the City Council has been approved by a specific motion for a regional law on andrology, presented by the Ladispoli groups City, pact for Ladispoli and Democratic Party.

“With this motion – says the councilor Pierlucio Latini – Illustrated in the classroom by the councilor Maria Concetta Palermo, the mayor and the council is asked to take action individually or jointly to other municipalities to solicit the approval of a regional law in favor of free preventive andrology for all children aged between 14 and 20 years old. As illustrious luminaries in the sector explained, the only form of mass screening that was carried out on the male population abolished, it is clear that it is clear that it is necessary to think of an alternative solution. For this, we support the petition for a regional law proposal, because starting from the territories is certainly simpler and more effective. It is essential to fill this gap and guarantee Italian males an equal opportunities compared to females to be controlled and followed by the man's doctor, that is the andrologist. In the motion approved by the maximum civic assize of Ladispoli, the institution in each hospital and in every health environment of a simple departmental operating unit or of a complex operating unit of urological andrological urology is also requested in every hospital environment and in any health environment and in any health environment.

The proponents also asked that a popular petition for this purpose be prepared at the municipal offices ".

It should be remembered that, if this law was approved, the Lazio Region would save around 3 million euros for the treatment of pathologies concerning andrology. In fact, preventing a pathology would allow you to take care of the patient in time, avoiding all the expenses inherent in hospitalization, therapy and rehabilitation caused by the failure to identify the diseases in advance.